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Monday, September 27, 2010

mY faMiLy...

pakchik in the house~!
right now..
i want to share about my own family..
my family consists of 6 people including me..
i got 4 siblings..
i'm the second..
i got sister and little sister..

firstly,i want to story about my mum and dad..
my dad's name is roslan bin buang..
he's the leader in my family..
he is so handsome..
he looks like orlando bloom
i like the way he manage us..
he is responsible all the time..
he always think out of the box..
and sometimes..
he will make us laugh with his serious attitude,,

my lovely mum..
zabariah binti haji abdul malik..
she is so gougeous..
i love her very much..
she is so caring..
if i got problems,i'll story at her..
because she is a good listener..
she is sporting towards all kind of situation..
sometimes i story to her about my friends..
even its not really important,she still give feedback about my story..
for me who got a mum and dad that really care about me,
i'm so grateful..
thank to both of u~!!!

her name is nur zawani..
she is now 23..
she is studying at uitm perak..
seri iskandar..
she's doing practical now..
and by this year,she will get her bachelor..
and 1 more things..
i'm always quarrel with her..
no matter what issue it is,
i'll object it

she is also my sister..
she is 16 years old..
still studying at sek.men.keb.taman selesa jaya 2 at johor bahru..
she is one of my sister that i'm always discuss with..
always ask her opinion..
although she's still 16,she is so matured..
good girl..

finally,my little sister..
her name is nur zarifahani..
her name is based on my name actually..
she is 7 years old..
sriously,she is so cute~!
"y so srious..??"
the way that she talk,the way that she smile,the way that she babling about,
she is so adorable..~!!
i love her very much!

prepared by:
pakchik :)