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Sunday, September 26, 2010

me n myself..

halo people..
my name is muhammad zarif bin roslan..
i'm a normal person who like woman,
love to hear music,
love to play sports and singing..
i'm a new blogger..
so i don't really know about all this stuff..
back to my story..
im a guy who will try to make others people happy..
even sometimes it might hurt myself..
i'm 20..
still young
i'm now studying at melaka..
i mean uitm bandaraya melaka..
i'm a degree student of business faculty,human resource..
right now,i can say that i'm a busy person..
because of classes that i need to attend to,
plus assignments..
oh my god..
its really hard for me..
miss my family so much..
whateva it is,i have to be strong to achieve my mission..
which is to get bachelor,,
so thats all bout me that i want to share with you all..
insyallah,i'll update again soon..

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